Monday, June 7, 2010

How I do what I do?

This week's question: How do you continue to hone your craft (crocheting!)? Books, internet, magazines? What do you do to learn more?

Crocheting to me has been a never ending journey. No matter how much I try to do something else, I always come back to crocheting. I started with a chain but never knew that those chains would one day turn into something as beautiful as a clothing, an embellishment, a toy or a piece of art.

During the early days of my crocheting, I was inspired to learn by looking at other people's crafts, then came books, then came learning symbols, then came making my own patterns without looking at anything. Just pure imagination and visualization.

To learn more, I sometimes just browse through crochet books or browse the net. Believe me, I learn more from trying, experimenting and unravelling something than anything else. Right now, almost anything can inspire me. The more I practice it and challenge myself to do something, the more I'm able to do it.

Crocheters hate when they've to frog their creations. For me, it's like unravelling my mistakes and letting go of the past and I just enjoy doing it. I've been known to open up my entire creations to just correct one missed dc or an extra stitch. But yeah, it helps achieve perfection. So if you really ask me, this is what I do to learn more.

Here's an example of a dress I just finished. I opened and reopened it almost 10 times to make it. But, yeah, I'm so proud of it.


  1. I think the best way to learn is just keep working at something yourself - you may have guidelines, but it is nicer when you have your own creations! Great dress - I am like you - I too take about things almost finished if I find one little stitch missed. I figure if I can see it, so can everyone else!!

  2. Thanks for the dress love, all of you.

    Magdalene: Yes, some people may think I'm weird but I actually like it when I open up/ frog my stuff. Lol! my mom thought me so. But my hubby understands.