Thursday, October 14, 2010

Etsy Holiday Boot Camp Week 2 Checklist

Read this week's Boot Camp article:
Done reading

Make a list of your most popular items:
As per Craftcult most hearts are:
rainbow hippie chick scarf pattern
macrame nklc
jazz pin pattern
red cherries pattern
zingy furry
turquoise delight blouse
scalloped bangle pattern
monster hat
tyre banlge pattern
witch pattern
mohair top
million lotuses pattern
4 petalled flower pattern
birdie pattern
8 petalled pattern
large rose pattern
shakira pattern

Brainstorm new work you'll offer this season:
Chunky winter wear: Have made some
holiday items: Halloween, christmas: To make some
Patterns for everything and everyone: Will finish 50 by the end of this week
Different and unusual Amigurami: Complete 3 by tommorrow
Breast Cancer awareness items: In progress
As per trends:  Have made some :
Clothing For Men, Women, Children: Have made some

As per my experience/sales/local sales:
crochet tyre pattern
cherry blossoms
pifs - flowers
pattern million lotuses
rainbow flowers
8 petalled flowers
bone beads
4 petalled flower
Jewelry that I sold to Amola
Bikinis - red, net, pink, orange I sold to Amola, Adrian's bk
Bags- ht bag, my triangle bag, jhola bag, small pouch
Shiamak top

Find your Boot Camp buddy:
Tara Smolinski of

Post in the Boot Camp forum thread:
Check here:

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