Monday, January 23, 2012

My Resolutions 2012

I believe that all goals are important, big, small or very small. We just need to write it down which makes things much easier & then carry it out. When we have it in writing, it clears our mind and we know how much time we should really put into it. Thus saving us time, energy, etc because time saved is time earned & then we can do whatever we want with that extra time.

One of my resolution is to make a daily plan & try to stick to it as much as possible. I know that it may not be possible everyday. When I write down what I want to do, the picture becomes much clearer than if I leave my life to the fates of time. So resolution 2012 is taking the horns of life in my hands & running my life, each day at a time of my 24 precious hours per day the way I want to mould it. I want to be able to carve my destiny rather than being a slave to an unplanned life. So I plan to live in NOW starting NOW.

Second, I'm going to give quality time to myself, my hubby & our baby. I think, the best way would be to celebrate each day with them, like one of my sweet friend Marianne says, "It's mandatory" :). When I say celebrate, I literally mean it because time spent loving is time worth spent indeed. I'm going to make a lot of cute crocheted stuff for my young one, read and educate myself more on pregnancy, read a lot of positive books.

Another important thing that I would like to achieve this year would be the completion & publication of my crochet book that I've been planning since the last 2 years. I already have a few physical designs made but nothing done beyond that. So, this year, I'm going to work full force into completing it & getting it published. Ask me the topic? It's a secret... you'll know it when the book is out.

Another related thing, I want to self publish atleast a 100 patterns this year. I have so many incomplete patterns that I've lost count & I seriously need to get my butt moving in doing this. Oh! & ofcourse, get copyrights on these patterns before I self-publish them instead of the other way around like I did for my other patterns. I wouldn't be a fool again to self-publish it & face copycats enjoying my hard work's worth claiming it as their own design. You can say, I'm pissed off, right? Well, yes I'm. But, I also say, what goes around comes around....

I intend to get rid of my unnecessary old things, try not to buy new things(unless necessary) & create a lot of free space. Last, but not the least, learn new arts & crafts in the time that I've saved after doing all the above mentioned activities.

So here's my resolutions for 2012, what are yours?


  1. Somewhere around mid-November (I think), several of us starting setting 4-week goals and cheering each other on via Google+. We each did a tiny bit of craft work through mid-Dec, and tried setting goals through the holidays. Most of us did little crafting over the Dec-Jan span, but we re-up'ed the pledge again in January.

    I think my Crafting Resolution for 2012 is just that: Evaluate goals in 4-week sections, min-month to mid-month. Pledge those concrete goals to my supporting friends, and then share photos and status reports about how well we've met those monthly goals.

    So far, my Jan-Feb goals include (1) add some of my flowers to etsy, (2) MAKE additional floral clips, (3) finish the weaving project on my loom. I've completed goal #1, I purchased the last of the supplies needed fro #2, and I'm still weaving on #3.

    I like the idea of setting smaller goals and making the efforts to accomplish them. I'm leaving room for extra tasks when the idea hits me. Leave room for the Muse! :) <3

  2. Thanks Cat. Your resolutions sounds interesting. I guess, more interesting is the fact that you're taking actions to meet your goals. Infact, I would love to join your group of friends and together we can each achieve our goals. Thank you for the inspiration.