Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ikat Upholstery Fabric Unique & Designer

You will love these ikat upholstery fabric from my shop. These designer Indian ikat fabric are not only unique but rare to find.

This series of Ikat Fabric is in continuation of Ikat Upholstery Fabric - Part 2

Recommended Uses:
Ikat Upholstery projects like drapes, curtains, throw covers, pillow covers, chair upholstery fabric, ikat bedspread, etc.

Width Size:

44 to 46 inches

Mustard Designer Ikat Fabric

Indian Ikat

Gray Khadi Ikat Style Fabric

Gray Khadi Ikat Style Fabric

Aztec Brown Ikat Fabric

Brown Ikat Fabric

Yellow Ikat Fabric in Diamond Dashes

Yellow Ikat Fabric

Green Ikat Fabric for Pillow Covers

Green Ikat Fabric

Sea Green Ikat Fabric

Unique Ikat Fabric

The following unique ikat fabric below were sold out/ Out of Stock in my etsy shop even before I could list it on my website, Designs by Mamta. I have ordered more of it and still awaiting the new lot.

Ikat Fabrics

Black Red Waves Arrows Ikat Fabric

Zig Zag Gray Ikat Fabric

This Zig Zag Gray Ikat Fabric was my lucky charm. It is was my best sold ikat fabric online and offline. It is the most sought ikat print design in my shop which I had ordered and re-ordered time and again for my prestigious customers.

Ikat Upholstery Fabric

Did you watch The World of Ikat Fabric with Mamta?

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