Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Crochet Tank Top Pattern To Delight Yourself!

I designed this crochet tank top pattern initially for myself. After much window shopping, I realized that there were very limited choices of over sized tank tops for plus sized women. Being a crochet designer myself, I took this as a small challenge and went ahead to design a tank top for myself!

Cool Crochet Patterns
Cool Crochet Patterns

It's just in the sub-conscious minds of women that they are as overweight, fat or ugly. I like to think that no women is ugly. They just do not know how to look beautiful! This crochet tank top pattern is an effort to prove that all women even plus size women have a right to look attractive.

My Inspiration Behind Making This Crochet Tank Top


Crochet Tank Top Pattern
Crochet Tank Top Pattern

I wanted to make a simple design which fitted perfectly to accents the gorgeous curves of a woman and hopefully make them feel beautiful about themselves. I read somewhere that clothes with vertical stripes in a design can make a person look slimmer and taller. Hence, the vertical stripes that forms the major portion of this design. The tank top fashion has been in vogue for very long and always have been the first choice of ladies!

Tank Top Pattern
Tank Top Pattern
There is a short interesting story why I named this tank top as Turquoise Delight. I saw this movie, "Chronicles of Narnia" & really loved the name, "Turkish Delight" so much that it stuck in my mind. When I was thinking about a name for this top, something delight sounded fun. The color of the yarn I used is almost turquoise, so I simply named it "Turquoise Delight".

Crochet Tank Top Pattern
Crochet Tank Top Pattern For Kids

This unique women's tank top is also known as camisole, blouse, pullover, sleeveless shirts, etc. In this designer pattern, you will learn how to crochet tank top with easy to understand step by step instructions along with the video tutorials.

Soon, I will be making lace tank top which will my next crochet project.  I hope you enjoyed this story. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to write to me. I always enjoy a little chit chat. :)

My Style, My Way..
Mamta Motiyani
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