Sunday, November 23, 2014

Brown Ikat Fabric By The Yard

This brown ikat fabric is pure Indian cotton fabric in light brown color. It has lovely cross Aztec ikat designs in cream & orange colors. This amazing Indian fabric is lightweight and great for clothing. It is soft and  gets even softer after every wash and is great for the skin.

Brown Ikat Fabric
Brown Ikat Fabric

This design is not just an ikat print, the design comes into existence while making it on a handloom. An ikat print fabric is just an ikat like design or print on a cotton or rayon fabric. The yarns on authentic ikat fabric are dyed first and then made into a fabric resulting in uneven yet an interesting design. 

Length: 36 inches.
Width: 46 inches

Your package is shipped safely and securely. It is packed in such a manner that it can travel the globe twice without any external damage. We pack it aesthetically and with utmost care to ensure that your order is delivered to you properly.

Ikat Design
Ikat Design

What is Ikat?
Ikat is a resist- dyeing technique which is very similar to tie-dye. However in ikat technique, a design is first decided. Then, the yarns are bound together & hand dyed in the colors that will show up on the fabric in a specific planned design. Then, these yarns are arranged in such a manner that the design emerges during the weaving process. The threads used for making this textile fabric are dyed first using organic & vegetable dyes. Then, it is made into a fabric resulting in an uneven yet an interesting design.

Ikat Fabric
Ikat Fabric

If you want to know more about ikats, please watch my video on ikat upholstery fabric.

√ Recommended Uses of Brown Ikat Fabric:

Home decor projects like ikat drapes, indoor outdoor, curtains, cushions and throws, pillow covers, chair upholstery, etc. It can also be used as quilt or sewing fabric.

Our Commitment:

When you order this ikat fabric, we inspect inch by inch of this contemporary fabric for any flaw or defect before we dispatch it to you. This type of quality inspection ensures that you get only the best and nothing less. You pay for high quality fabric and we make sure that you are 100% satisfied with its quality. Anybody can make money, which is very simple. We, at ‘Designs by Mamta’ are here to build a relationship with our customers. We like to walk an extra mile for you to make your experience with us a delightful one!

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