Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Crocheters Help Guide

Everything in this world is easy. All it needs is a little practice, patience and persistence. Believe me, when you begin to learn this craft, you will think, "What the hell, it's too difficult. Forget it, I can't do it."

I felt it. Why? First of all, I'm a left handed person. My mom was trying to teach me crocheting with my right hand. My mind could not co-ordinate, at first. But I, being a stubborn mule, said to myself, "Yes, I can do it. Just let me try." I'm now a right as well as a left handed person. I crochet with my right hand.

I tried and I succeeded, so why shouldn't you. After all, all stitches are a variation of the first stitch , that is: chain stitch. You will be surprised with what beauties you can make with your wonderful hands.

Here are a few tips, I would like to share with you. The Reason: I learnt it the hard way. I want your learning to be as easy and smooth as possible.

1) Smaller, the better:

Start with a smaller design. For example, earrings, patch, brooch, bracelet scrunchie, etc. Remember, smaller the project, better the chances that it would be completed.

2) Never start your learning with a thin thread. Start with a thick thread and a thick needle. The reason is simple. If you are new, you want to complete the craft as soon as possible. It takes more time to complete a work with a thin thread than a thick one.
Tip: Start with a four ply wool. Needle size: (10 or 12) U.S

Please don't start with a complicated pattern. It is bound to make you frustrated if you are not able to learn it.
Tip: Start with the basic stitches and stick to it for at least 5-10 projects. Eg: 'sc' and 'dc'

4)Learn New:
Once you learn how to handle the needle effectively, you can start practising the different stitches and following diagrams.
Tip: You can find different stitches online or in the beginning pages of a crochet book. I will show you how to read the diagram in my upcoming post.

5)Practice, Practice, Practice:
Practice as much as possible in your new crochet days. It will make you confident.

6) Display your work:
Once you complete the project, display it in a prominent place. It will make you proud of your achievement, encouraging you to make a few more.
Tip: Keep it in front of your bed or on your study table.

7) Count it:
Count the stitches when you complete a row. Open the work if you've missed or taken an extra stitch. I know it's tiring, but it's always better to have a neat project to show off.

8) Learn to Earn:
It's a good way to earn some money while you are studying. If you are already past the studying age, it's a best way for earning extra income. Crochet goodies also make one of the best of gifts to your loved ones.

I will add up a few more tips. Keep checking this space or comment for help. I'm always ready to help you.


  1. I just checked your work at Flickr. All pretty pieces. I especially loved the crochet skirt, sunflower bowl and different flowers. Congratulations on having such a talent for variety of arts and crafts.

  2. Thank you for your kind and inspiring message, Bhavna. I just work with my heart and instinct. I actually try to express myself with these work. They all represent 'Me' & I want to share me with all of you, the world as whole. Thanks again.

  3. wished I lived closer, I'd love to learn first hand from you. I love your work.