Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Message To My Fellow Crafters !!!

People love handmade. It's a fashion craze among many nowadays. It's the best route to creativity. Open up your imagination. Even a stone can be turned into a beautiful art.

It's almost like a craze when you take a craft supply/material in your hand. You may know what you are making. But sometimes it turns out to be something else. Isn't it wonderful.

The wheel of imagination starts moving. You don't know what piece of art turns out with your beautiful hands.

Seems sometimes you become blank and nothing comes up. No ideas. Nothing. Well, wait and watch. It's just a period before the storm. Suddenly all ideas start pouring out and then you have nowhere to go but here.
Start acting on your ideas. This is the right time. Clutter up your place with craft supplies because you want all your ideas in masterpieces, don't you. Be like a child at play.

A material out of sight is out of mind. So keep it in front of you like a nude model ready to be painted.

It's just a matter of a few seconds , a few hours or a few weeks. Then it's gone and you don't know what come came over you. It took you up like a spirit. Then left you all of a sudden with emptiness of the soul.

Don't cry. It will come with the new hope of sunshine. Till then. enjoy the emptiness.

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