Sunday, April 5, 2009

Felting Ideas: Felted Beads Neckpiece.

I'm in Mumbai, India and have been trying hard to find a felting supply shop locally but in vain.

I, being an overly creative thinker, thought of some traditional means/solution to this and guess what, came up with an idea.

What is felting, after all? You just need to have access to wool, your own two hands and sometimes, probably a sharp felting tool.

This is a project I tried to make and hope to share with you more of such ideas in future.

I will add up the pictures of the project later.

Felted Beads Neckpiece:

Buy a thick 4 ply wool. Open the strands. Roll an individual strand using your thumb and the forefinger.

Take some hot water, add some liquid soap or any soap which is not harsh to your skin. Put the woolen bead that you just rolled in the soapy water.

Keep on rolling it in a circular motion with the palm of your hands.

If you think that some fibres are moving out, immerse it again in the soapy water and repeat the process until you get a firm ball.

Let the bead dry and your felted bead is ready to use.

Make it in several shades. String each bead on a strand of colorful cord with knots in between.

Keep some empty space at the beginning and at the end of the cord and tie it in a knot.

The size of the neckpiece should be long enough so that you pull it from the top of your head.

Tip: You can blend 2 colors by taking wool strands of different colors

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