Sunday, May 31, 2009

Treasury Hunters Welcome Aboard

Treasury means a list of handpicked items by the members of Etsy. Everyone loves to be appreciated for their creations. If a person likes one or more item from your shop, they add it on a list of their chosen items and then collectively add it together to make a visually appealing collection in the form of a treasury. If an admin on Etsy likes the treasury, your item might get chosen to be featured on the front page. When a person sees his/her work on the front page, he feels like he is on the centre of a stage with the spotlights on. Treasury is the surest and the easiet way to get noticed on Etsy. Let me not beat around the bush and get to the point. I'm going to share with you a few simple ways how to hit the jackpot.

1) Select a color theme:

These can be from your favourites. It should be color co-ordinated. Put these things on your Pc and see if they look good together. Remember to rename them with their listing Id's. This way you won't forget hwere they're from. Sometimes you will just have to arrange what you selected so that it looks eye-appealing.

2)Choose a Topic:
Select a trending topic. It can be a season, a holiday, an event, a fad or just anything which you know the mass likes. Select the name as if you are selecting the name for one of your items or a news article. Try to talk the name aloud and see if it impresses you. Play with words. A few of the best Topic names:

Mothers And Daughters
Pretty Little Things
Critter's Day Out!!!
Don't choose someting like:333. It's way too common.

Pssst: Try to keep the name based on a popular romantic movie or novel. It's sure to gain attention.

3)Mission Treasury:
Copy this name by doing a simple Ctrl+C and wait. Check when the 333 list is expiring. Open the treasury when it is nearing 340-350. Don't Close Or Refresh This Page. Sometimes the list expires within seconds even when it shows it's going to expire within 30 minutes or an hour.
Scroll to the bottom of the page and wait. As soon as the 333rd list expires a hazy box appears. Don't wait too long. Click inside it. Paste (Ctrl+V) your topicname fast and click Create. This should be done ASAP as I've seen that if I waste my time writing the topic name, sometimes the number of treasuries just moves up. Afterall there are around 200-300 and sometimes even more people waiting just for this one moment.

4)The Treasury Page:
Once you get the next page, the Treasury is all yours to Create. Just put in the listing ids of the selected items to feature in the boxes provided. There will be 12 main boxes which everyone can see. There will also be 4 hazy boxes where you can put additional similar items. These items can be used to replace an empty box if the item sells out. The expiration time for the treasury starts as soon as you hit Create. So please make your selection beforehand and add up your items ASAP.

5)Here's the Stunner:
If you want to know which treasuries you are featured in, Go on this website:
Put in your Etsy username. It tells you in which treasuries you are featured. It also tells you which treasuries have you as an alternate. Also check the Treasury clock which is a real cool feature.

I hope you liked these tips and by now are able to create one of your very own Treasuries. Go to : to create one of your own. To find more information on treasury, go through the etsy blog:
Happy Treasuring!!!

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