Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kutchi Lippan Work. A Home Decor Art of Mud Mirror.

Kutchi Lippan Work
Kutchi Lippan Work

The Kutchi Mud Mirror Art Originated From a Place in India named Kutch, Gujarat. It is also called Lippan Kaam and a traditional art from India. Lippan Kaam in a Gujarati language means a work where cementing with hands is involved. By cementing, I mean that the people actually make these original art with a mixure of mud and camel dung. They cement this mixture on the walls of their homes or a piece of plywood. Some of them sell these paintings as a source of income. Others just do it because it's their way of life.

Pieces of mirror and dried seeds are stuck to these painting using starch or glue. The work is then painted in bright colors like red, yellow, orange, green and other such bright colors. Mostly birds, trees, animals, peacock, human figures etc are sculpted on these paintings using fingers just like in handmade claywork.

I could not use camel dung due to unavailability of camels in Mumbai, :P. So I've made a painting simply with a sealant(sealing agent) named M-Seal, a few cut mirror pieces, acrylic paints and canvas board. The canvas board is 18 inches high and 14 inches wide. The white borders and designs are done with M-Seal. I've stuck pieces of mirror and painted it in bright colors to give it an ethnic look.

To sum it up, this beautiful Kutch Mirror Work is considered to be home decor art of India.

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