Monday, October 5, 2009

Mischievous Little Mermaid Princess Named Ariel

I finished this cute amigurami mermaid yesterday, gave her a bath today as she played a lot and got some dust around her ankle, teased me in completing it. The most difficult portion of this doll was her bust. She said she's a kid and doesn't need any. I told her that any beautiful mermaid needs to have it. Finally she agreed .

Next, came her eyes. She made faces at me and wouldn't sit still. Sometimes she would squint, sometimes make a witch face and try to frighten me. I grabbed her and made her sit still to complete them properly.

Her mischief didn't get over with just bust and eyes, she wanted her hair done as a punk kid on the block. She said she wants to become a Punk mermaid. I said ok, let's try it out. She looked so funny, I couldn't help LOL and made the poor thing cry. She said she wanted her hair straightened up, so I gave her a hair dryer. Well, her hair didn't turn too straight, but a few of the strands got burnt off. So I took her to a hair dresser who cut all her burnt hair, added a few curls and made her a pretty baby mermaid.

On the way home, she spotted Cartier and demanded for matching jewelry. So I bought her a bracelet and a necklace set. She said she needed a tiara too. She checked and checked but couldn't find one. So headed with me towards home for some pretty pictures and wow, does she pose. Look at her. Doesn't she looks like a model?


  1. oh, she's soo cute! i just showed your mermaid princess to my little daughter - now i think, i'll have to make one for her too :)