Sunday, July 18, 2010

Inspiration and Muse

The CreateCrochet Team on Etsy has a weekly question and we answer it on our blogs to know more about each other. This week's question is:

What inspires you? What is your muse?

I'm a self learner. Most of the times, I pick up a book from a crafts shop and start making the crafts. A kind of person who even learns by looking at a craft and pick up the idea just by her intuition. Sometimes, I get inspired by dreams, things, internet, an idea or just anything. I may even get inspired by you. My muse is my Soul. I let it run free and it does the work of designing for me.

I'm never ever short of ideas or inspirations. Some people face times when they can't seem to get any ideas, inspiration or motivation to make something. For me, I just have to pick a yarn or any supplies and my hands seem to know what to make. I let it run wild like an animal who is actually wild but is domesticated for a long time. I let the ideas flow, make something, open it if I don't like it. I'm not afraid to make mistakes and so am always inspired or moved by an inner force to keep moving no matter what happens, good, bad or worse. I believe that if I'm not satisfied with something I've made, I can always make something that I like.

Sometimes, I do an exercise of the mind called "brain storming" which I learned in a leadership training programme. It's an awesome exercise where you give your mind a question, let it loose and let all the inspiration flow as it wants to, no judging,no stopping. It's like the waters in the Niagra Fall. You need to make sure you pen down all the ideas in a diary or someplace where you'll remember. No time to get overwhelmed. Once that is done, cool down and start working on those ideas. Of course, not all ideas will take form or turn into fabulous work of art. But, you've got all that you need in your mind and in your soul.

It's like the movie, "Matrix" where Neo has just to visualize something and it's in front of him. If you've read the book, "The Secret", the entire books means to tell the same thing. All your dreams, visualizations, aspirations can become a reality, if only you look deep enough and act on it.


  1. Mamta,
    I would expect nothing less of you. You exude inspiration and you share that passion with everyone. I, for one, know I am blessed beyond belief to have you in my life. Your story of inspiration paints pictures in my mind of so many things I want to do and am doing now. Thanks so much for sharing and thanks for YOU :0)

  2. Now that we know what inspires you - you are an inspiration to all of us!

  3. Thanks Marianne and Magdalene: Inspiration is a positive feeling meant to be shared. If my inspiration can inspire others too, it's my honour. Thanks!

  4. How cool! So inspirational! You are such a positive person Mamta!