Sunday, August 29, 2010

Name Defines Personality

I've written a few patterns before, which I forgot to add here. I won't add all those links. But, thought, I'd like to share my new one. I had a fun time naming her. It can be so fun to name the amigurami. What you see is finally an entire personality emerge out of a simple ball of yarn, a pair of cute toy eyes, a pattern and lastly by naming her. I had the name Eli, the elephant chosen for her before. But when I googled, I found there were so many babies crawling over the net, that I had to have her name changed to Echo. With it's small trunk, I definitely think, she can produce a small echo. What do you say?

Echo is a baby elephant who's looking for a friend. Don't ever be mislead by her enormous, innocent eyes. She's cute, tiny but full of mischief. She likes to play all the time. She has large ears, tiny trunk, wiggly tail and 2 cute pair of pink shoes. Wanna make her to play?

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