Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mission Statement for EtsyHoliday Boot Camp

First of all, Thanks Danielle for such a wonderful idea. I'm inspired as much as you are with Seth Godin's ideas about the hierarchy of success. He says:
"As far as I'm concerned, the most important of all, the top of the hierarchy is ATTITUDE. Why are you doing this at all?"

I've had the honour of meeting great professors at school/college. One of them is Joshi Sir who always said "Even the word Impossible says I M POSSIBLE" and he made sure it got through in our thick skulls. Another great professor "Ms. Nalini Shah" said that if you strive for 70%, the possibility is you'll get 60%, but if you strive for 100%, there is always a strong possibility that you will end up with 99.99% . It's all in the ATTITUDE. If you THINK you can achieve less, there is always a strong possibility that you'll achieve NOTHING.

So, my mission goal is obvious: I will to achieve the most impossible thing that any seller aspires to do. I will have a complete sellout in my shop as on December 31st, 2010. I plan on selling atleast 1000 items in my shop by December end. That's my personal goal.

Ask me why I want to do it?
To show myself that I can do it, because I believe I can.

Now my mission statement:
"To make creations which will "Wow" the minds of anyone who sees it, to list the required number of items to complete my goal, to spread the love of handmade message with my creations, sharing them with the world and letting the Love grow from within me and around"

Now, my mission goal for my fellow etsians and team mates:
I'll share all the necessary steps I took for my shop and provide them with guidance if they need my help at anytime.

Want to know what a boot camp is? Check this out:


  1. Mamta,

    What a wonderful Mission Statement! I also appreciate your sharing your knowledge and experiences with us. You are an amazing woman and I truly admire you!

    Your sayings reminded me of a small poster I have that states: "It's your ATTITUDE not your APTITUDE that determines your ALITITUDE!".

  2. Thanks Marianne. I always try ot set my goals very very high. I may not achieve it osmetimes. But I achieve what other's don't even dare to think of it.

    Thanks for the saying too.