Sunday, October 31, 2010

How to create a Treasury on Etsy Tutorial

Creating treasury is easy but is often misunderstood as the most difficult task by a few of us. Believe me, once you start creating them you can never get enough of them. Here's an easy tutorial on how to create one:

Go to:

Scroll to the extreme right on this page - Click on the link - "Create a list" as shown with an arrow in the above picture.

A new page will open up with empty slots for creating your own treasury.

Select a cool name for your treasury in the field named - "Title"

Describe your treasury if you want in the field named - "Description"

Write a tag in the space provided and click on "Add" each time you add a new tag. You can add upto 18 tags for your treasury.

The radio button for Privacy should be slected as "Everyone". If you select "Only You", that treasury will  not be seen by anyone else other than you. You may select this option while you're updatting or editting your treasury.

Go to the bottom right of the page to select the Listing URL which will be the number just after
Listing # above the "Add to Cart" link

Fill in all the 16 boxes with different listing URLs and click on "ok" each time you enter a listing id inside the box

Click on "Save" after selecting 16 items for your treasury.
 Voila! I hope this tutorial was easy enough for you to understand. Thanks!!!

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