Monday, February 28, 2011

Cotton Yarn Dyeing For Sara

Gosh! it feels like ages that I've done yarn dyeing. The last time was in 2004, it's 7 years back. Thanks to Sara, my new friend. She needed a beanie with the colors of a forest at sunset. I searched all my LYS but couldn't get the right shades. I had dyes for cotton at my place which have been with me for over 10 years now. See I told you, I'm a hoarder. ;)

So I just bought some white yarn and used up the white cotton yarn I won in a challenge. When I started dyeing I couldn't stop at just 3 colors, I dyed 2 different types of yarns: The cotton softer ones and the cotton cord ones.

I had bought some unloved cotton cord yarn in various faded shades. The road vendor from whom I had bought it had used these as a display in front of his shop. It was huge bunch of different colored yarn, but all faded in different places. I bargained and got these at a very cool rate. I knew, I could always dye it someday. And now, I'm going to make myself a rainbow bag with it.

I made both these yarns in hanks, but forgot how to dye cotton.:P I went to various sites in search of the right method. It was so confusing as they had used the chemical composition and what not. I just remembered that the dyes needed salt and water. But really, after so many years who wouldn't forget. Last, I came on this site where it says to use vinegar and salt.

Finally, I went into my kitchen and wore my scientist apron, Lol. I don't know how I did it in the end, If you ask me what combination I used, I would be a question mark. But the yarns came out cool(that's the magic of Mamta). I even checked them for color stability and they were good.

Here's my much talked about yarn experiment:

Soft Cotton

Stiff Cotton Cords

It's a total of 12 different colors. The cotton cords were in the colors pistachio, light blue, pink, lemon yellow, orange, red and lilac before dyeing. After dyeing, they turned to these different colors even though I dyed the cord and sofft cotton together for some of them. It's because dye looks slightly different on a previously dyed yarn.

& I used the last 3 colors of the soft cotton yarns to make Sara's beanie and is named "Forest At Sunset". :

Thank you Sara for the yarn dyeing experience. Love you.


  1. This is just gorgeous! Yarn dying sounds so fun and it looks beautiful!

  2. Believe me Courtney, it was fun from start to finish.

    A word of caution though: You won't be able to stop once you start, Lol.

  3. I have not done much yarn dyeing, but it sure is fun to come up with new and exciting colors! The beanie looks great!

  4. Yes, definitely Jamie. The satisfaction is so great and I felt accomplished at the end of the process. Thank you for the compliment on thre beanie too.

  5. You did a great job, on the dye and the hat! I'm not so sure I'm ready to take that plunge just yet, but thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Thanks Marie Anne. I think, every fiber artist must go thru this experience atleast once in their lifetime. It's fun.