Friday, April 1, 2011

Silver The Carrot Bunny

In 2004, We got Manchala, our first pet rabbit. She was just a month old then. In 2006, we got her mate, Manchali and so began their journey in creating a circus of rabbits. Every 2 months, we were blessed with an addition of 2 or more baby bunnies. At one point of time, we had 14 bunnies in total in our small house!! We thought, that the room was not enough for them. So we gave them all up to a family who had a large farm house.

Manchala was the queen of our home. I've a picture of her, but none of Silver. Here it is:

Manchali was the most possessive and doting male partner any rabbit could have. Some of their offsprings were black, white and a mix of both.

Silver, as the name suggests, was all white male baby bunny born out of love of Manchala and Manchali. He was shy, the quietest and softest of all bunnies. Worst of all, Manchali used to fight with him due to his possessiveness over Manchala. Most of the times, Silver used to lose and he ended up with a lot of pulled out fur.

Once, he was so afraid of Manchali, that he hid in the tiny space behind our sofa. We frantically searched for him and found him only after a few hours.

Once my husband, Raaj accidentally put a pillow on him. That was the only time, we heard his voice in a shrill shriek.

When we gave up all our bunnies for adoption, Silver was still just 2 months old. So, in my eyes, he will always be a baby Silver.

The amigurumi I made is inspired by Silver. I've not added a mouth to him as he was always so quiet, he might as well never had a mouth. I added cute soft pompom tail to him as he was very soft (his tail was softest of softest). The way he stands, makes me think, he's going to take flight anytime now just to get away from Manchali. ;)

I made Silver for CreateCrochet Team Challenge "Spring 2011 Challenge" in "Easter" category. Just in time, Lol.

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