Friday, August 19, 2011

PDF Pattern Dilemma

I wonder what you all etsy pattern sellers do if the buyer of your pattern does not receive it in their email even after you've tried sending it multiple times. I discovered this way a few months ago. I don't know how I forgot to share it last time, but here's what I do.

1) As soon as a pattern is sold, I send the PDF pattern via email to their email address.

2) I add a note in the transaction informing the buyer that I've sent their pattern to their email address, eg : ******

3) Usually the buyer convos back if they haven't received their pattern.

Note: Sometimes emails goes in junk, spam or bulk folders, but not always. Sometimes, it's blocked by a firewall on the buyer's work computer. But again, it may be an entirely different issue. We're pattern designers and we may or may not know the brains of a computer. So here's back to what I do.

4) I copy and paste the "Text" portion of the pattern to an "Etsy Convo" and attach pictures that I've used in the pattern in this convo.

My main goal is to send the pattern to the buyer in some way. It doesn't matter if all the pretty and fancy format is lost in the convo. Finally, what matters is the buyer is able to get the pattern and work with it. I hope this helps some of you Pattern Designer's who are faced with this dilemma often.

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  1. Thank you Mamta! My latest negative feedback is due to this problem, unfortunately customer is unreachable, feedback stays :(
    I also leave a note in the receipt asking to check the spam folder if the pattern doesn't arrive. I get less complaint.