Thursday, October 6, 2011

From Creative Imagination To Tangible Reality

We woman have an inquisitive, almost childlike curious mind. Why do I say this? Well, I don't know about you, but when I sell any of my fabrics and other supplies in my supplies shop, I always wonder what that particular thing would be used for? What idea struck someone to buy it? What that person around the globe must be thinking reading my sometimes imaginary stories and sometimes facts? How long this thing will travel just to be what it wants to become finally? Who will use the final product? Till how long will it live, maybe passing on as a hierloom for generations?

Take for example a fabric. Some may convert it into a dress, some may weave fantasies with it, almost telling a story by using a piece of this and a bit of that, a little of this and that and maybe a tad bit of mystery, magick. Wow! how fabulous the human mind, hands and existence is that it can create so much just out of a single piece of something and transform it into a butterfly of mysteries.

So to quench this ever present curiosity thirst in me, lol, I decided to contact my buyers and ask them what it will be used for. A lot of them have replied to me saying they're going to make this or that. Some have even gone way beyond and shown me pictures of their baby creations. And everytime I receive their message, I'm awed and speechless by the beauty of their minds, hands and feel a kindred spirit saying these are the people who have been given one of the most precious gift, "the Gift of Creation". I call them The Alchemist, the people with the ability to make gold out of something or in some cases, out of nothing.

Here is an example of true art, a primitive doll named Ophelia made with cotton khadi fabric that my friend Kelly bought from me.

The body of Ophelia has been primmed with coffee and is made with khadi cotton fabric, the dress and sunflower are made with khadi cotton too.

Kelly creates lovely rustic Primitive dolls and one of a kind (OOAK) dolls for loved ones of those who have passed. If you would like to see more of her lovely work, please do stop by at her shop here:

Thank you Kelly for sharing your sweet Ophelia  with me and now with the world. xoxoxo Mamta

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