Saturday, January 5, 2013

Meeting last years resolutions

Speaking about last year's resolutions, let's see how many I met so far.:

1) Daily plan: I wrote daily plans for a little more than 6 months. Most of the times, I met those plans. So I'm going to continue doing so this year as well.

2) Quality time with family: You can bet, I've spent a fulfilling year with both of them & enjoyed it thoroughly. So ditto to this this year as well.

3) For my baby: I've made a lot of crochet/ fabric clothing, toys, bedding, etc for Shaman. I sewed all things by hand. Yup, truely handmade. :) I keep on learning things by reading about baby care from this wonderful site & others. I'm going to continue doing this as well.

4)Write my crochet book: To be continued :P

5)Self publish 100 designs: :( I could publish only a few. So I'll carry this goal forward this year.

6)Geomancy: I can proudly say, I got rid of so many old stuff last year, I set a record for myself. :) I bought a bare minimum(considering that I'm a big shopoholic ;)). I got most of my remaining supplies & other things organized by getting them boxed up. Although, I can't say my space is free, it's much more organized than a warehouse, lol. So, here's a pat on my back. I plan to clear even more of my space this year. :)

7) Learn new arts/ crafts: I learned to block print on fabric last year.

I feel accomplished. :)

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