Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Facebookoholic & Yarnoholic

I tell you FB is addictive & so is yarn. Both these things together & I can waste a lot of time just looking at them. Do you spend hours & hours looking at yarns & oohing aahing over it? I do, just because I love looking at them.  It's even more addicting than actually buying yarn, lol.

I've been at it since morning & can't seem to stop doing it & all the yarn sites aren't been helpful at all. They make me feel I don't have enough. Somebody help me, the yarn monster has grabbed my senses. I seriously need to get off this PC so I can get some patterns complete.


  1. Hi Mamta, just call your 'browsing' time 'finding inspiration time'. I love to browse through yarn sites and Ravelry too, there's so much sharing of knowledge and everyone is really helpful. I love my yarn monster haha. I did open my word processing program last night and spent a whole hour tech editing my latest design, hey I deserve a star for being so disciplined lol.

  2. Well said, Linda. I find inspiration all the time from different yarns and have made so many wonderful friends in the online world.