Saturday, September 14, 2013

The making of Papa Panda

Amanda The Panda

A few weeks ago, I designed this: "Amanda the Panda". It is a crochet pattern featuring a cute baby Panda amigurumi toy with a bamboo shoot in her hands. When I shared it on my Fanpage, one of my fans liked it so much that she wanted a larger version of the same Panda but without the bamboo shoot and arms stretching towards the sides as if it's giving a hug. She said that it reminded her of a Panda doll she had as a child. How cute is that! :)

Amanda is 6 inches tall in size. So I thought, why not double up the yarn and it will be 12 inches, the size that she needed for her Panda. But I realized after I started the project that it doesn't work that way. The size was smaller rather than being double even after I took 2 strands of the same yarn. Maybe, because some part of the design gets hidden on the wrong side of the crocheted piece.

My biggest mistake was trying to use Amanda's design to fit the larger Panda which didn't work as well. So I had to frog all my work so far completed. After doing this, I realized I would have to start a new design in itself instead of being stuck to the old one. Guess what? It worked and it would have taken me a little lesser time if only my daughter wouldn't stop playing with the Panda parts. ;)

Papa Panda is finally complete & Shaman is very happy with her new toy. I released the pattern 3 days ago & am very happy with how it turned out.


Papa Panda

Meet Papa Panda, daddy to baby Amanda, He is huge, bulky and a little overbearing. But that's just his exterior. Inside, he is all gooey and doesn't like to tell anyone that he loves watching cartoons and eating chocolates among all other sweet things. He is a martial artist. If you ask him what is his style, he'll probably say, it's Pandafu. It is a style that he created using all moves of Kung- Fu and Panda moves. Don't tell him, but he loves to brag about it all the time in his Panda community.

Papa Panda Crochet PDF Pattern:



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