Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bambi Paper Quilled Pendant

I always love to gift people and try to find ways to do just that. When I got my 1st sale in my new shop MamtArts, I was thrilled. I wanted to gift something to my 1st buyer as a token of appreciation. But I didn't want to give her just about anything. I wanted to make a personalized gift for her. Her name is Bambi and I instantly knew what I wanted to gift to her. She inspired me to make this pendant.


Being a fan of animation movies, especially ones made for kids, Bambi is one of my most favourite characters. So this pendant has double inspiration. This is a dedication to the movie "Bambi" too.

Bambi is 2 dimensional large paper quilled pendant made with strips of quilling paper in shades of a real deer/ fawn. The necklace is a string made of paper raffia secured in the end with a knot.

There are so many wonderful ways to get inspired and I thank Bambi for giving me Bambi. :)

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