Thursday, February 10, 2011

Recycled Bandwagon

They say, "Old is gold". I say why not. Ofcourse, if you can turn the old things into beautiful gold(crafts), you're being an Alchemist.

If anyone would have asked me to use someone else's jewelry, clothes, used things, I would have made a face and said "No way, am I going to wear this." Well, this has changed. You can say that my perception has changed about the way I think about old items(but still not old wearables).

Thanks to the recycled, reclaimed, save the earth bandwagon, anything and everything reused is Hot, Hot, Hot. And, I think, it's actually cool since the same and same thing can be altered, revamped, changed and made into something made worth using. It can be used over and over again. This is leading to less productivity of that thing and more usage of what we previously thought of as junk

As a student, I used to give away my old books to the old newspaper vendors and never ever felt an ounce of guilt that I was not making an effort to save the earth. But now I do. Maybe, that's why, I'm in the process of using up all my old newspaper cuttings for my paper mache. Yes, and I just recently made this paper box out of a corrugated sheet I got when I purchased a new mouse for my PC + some cardboard tubes which were used as some of my yarn bases.

It's tough to part with something that you collected for over 15 years ago. But, for me, as soon as I make something out of it, that umbical cord is broken and I feel free. I don't want to own it anymore. I let it go without holding even a memory of it back.

Well, old items may have it's beauty. But some dangers too, as we don't know where the supplies for that particular item has originated from. If I would buy a recycled item (especially wearables), I would make sure to ask the seller about the supplies origin and whether it is used on a person.

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