Friday, February 4, 2011

What do you do when you've a pattern that stumps you?

This was a question that one of the team members from CreateCrochet Team asked. Here's my reply:

When a pattern is written, the creator uses his/ her imagination and words/ phrases and style, etc. There is a strong possibility that the decoder of the code(the buyer) might not understand it. I think, the best way is "Communication" between these 2 people. But, if not possible, there are always friends, family and even strangers who crochet who can help understand it.

If and when I have a trouble with a pattern, I experiment. I then go about doing what I want to do with it and play. It not only helps me not to be frustrated, but infact helps me relax and enjoy what I'm doing. It also helps me finish what I started as an adventure and end as an accomplishment.

I guess, we all are humans and we make mistakes. I create patterns. Even though I check it so many times to see if everything is correct, there still might be some error.

As a buyer: I would contact the seller and ask for his/her explanation. If necessary, I will provide feedback in any changes that needs to be done.

As a seller: I ask /invite my buyers to provide me a feedback about my pattern.

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